Diffrent types of research is conducted in Islamic Religious Education, including projects within the context of dissertation and proctice-oriented research, as well as third-party-funded projects.

Detailed information regarding current and already completed research plans and projects con be found on the following pages and on the homepage of the respective projects and conferences:


  • "Imams in Austria"
  • "Muslim Milieus in Austria"
  • "Framework for the Vienna Al-Azhar School"
  • "Islamic Theological Faculties in Austria" (completed)



  • "Citizenship Education and Islam in Europe"
    Tirana/Albanien, 01.-03.11.2013
  • "Islamic Religious education in secular Societies"
    Kiew/Ukraine, Herbst 2012
  • "Training of Imams and Teachers for Islamic Education in Europe"
    Pristina/Kosovo; Herbst 2011
  • "Islamic Textbooks and Curricula in South East Europe"
    Sarajevo/Bosnien-Herzegowina; Herbst 2010
  • "Islamic Textbooks and Curricula in South East Europe"
    Wien/Österreich; Herbst 2009


Development of Teaching Materials:

The research unit "Islamic Religious Education" also has the goal of developing teaching materials and books for Islamic Religious Instruction in public schools.

New Publications

Muslima Theology: The Voices of Muslim Women Theologians
(Wiener Islamstudien), Englisch
Ednan Aslan, Elif Medeni, Marcia Hermansen (Hrsg.)

More information about the latest publications of Univ.-Prof. Ednan Aslan and the the research unit "Islamic Religious Education" can be found here.